Le Vestiaire d'Ezabel

My name is Isabelle and I am an entrepreneur who is passionate about physical maintenance, dance and yoga… activities that I have been practicing for a very long time! First artistic gymnastics from the age of 8, then modern-jazz dance from the age of 12, then fitness in all its forms since 2001, a bit of French boxing by the way, yoga since 2014 with a return to dance! I was born in 1970!

After many years, I finally decided to leave vetementfitness.over-blog (only in french language) to start afresh. You will still be able to access it for consultation, but this blog will no longer be updated.

Since 2007 I create my online shop Ezabel Fitnesswear, and especially with the opening of the store in 2014, I have evolved and broadened my fields of interest and it is therefore a new impetus that I wish to give

Welcome to Le Vestiaire d’Ezabel, a new blog in 3 langages that expresses more strongly the three themes of my physical shop Ezabel, 7 rue des Fleurs in Mulhouse, France

The three themes discussed on this blog are the following:

  • Fitness: gym, physical and sports preparation
  • Dance: all forms of dance
  • Yoga and Meditation and all that is related to well-being

Around these three subjects which fascinate me, I propose to you on the menu:

  • My Focus on the evolutions and trends of the 3 desciplines that are Fitness, Dance and Yoga, the presentation of material and ideas for exercises, advice both from a sporting point of view and form a practical point of view and the highlighting of athletes or professionals, especially from the Mulhouse region
  • My Zoom on a particular product, materials and technical textiles
  • Ezabel’s News: all the events related to the shop…

If you have any sports, medical or physiological knowledge, do not hesitate to contact me to contribute to this blog.

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